When Is...Enough, ENOUGH?

We humans just want to feel like we belong.

We want to be heard and respected. We’d love to be loved without a stellar resume. We spend so much of our lives measuring and weighing and doing and achieving in order to be deemed worthy. We exhaust ourselves striving and stretching our energy and our finances and our basic values just trying to BE ENOUGH.

And, when we sneak that shot of “liquid courage” just before a party to alleviate the anxious edge, we just add to our own feelings of “not quite” enough before we even open the door on the evening ahead. Wouldn’t it be swell, just once, to go to a party feeling confident enough to craft whole paragraphs of conversation without tripping over our tongues? Does “the big checkmark” keep seeming to be just out of reach?

So much of the chaos and darkness in the world stems from a basic human condition…. NOT ENOUGH-NESS.

NOT-ENOUGHNESS is at the core of what we’ve seen throughout history and especially all too vividly throughout the world right now. NOT-ENOUGHNESS breeds that insatiable quest for power, the utter bullying and global kicking in the shins we, as a world, continue to perpetrate upon one another. NOT ENOUGH-NESS fuels the relentless energy to “win, at all costs”, to control everything and everyone, to be “on top”, to be measuring and comparing and crushing the competition. It’s the source of fame for fame’s sake and our selfie-obsessed Kardashian culture. It propels lives lived for the marquee value, alone.

And, truth be told….we can get sucked into the bright lights and big stories. We can be fascinated, even secretly jealous of the supposed “successes” of others, wondering how THEY could be so rich and famous (and yet, utterly devoid of talent) when we are flipping our mattress over one more time and driving our ten-year-old clunker that needs new tires.


This is the time to be POSITIVE. And, on PURPOSE. I hope that’s why you are here!

Finding your own way on The Positive Path involves three simple questions. If living a powerfully positive life is what you are seeking, then your answers to these questions will always bring you clarity. These answers will course-correct your path. It’s your path, nobody else’s. Used consistently, these three questions and your answers will become the foundation for an unshakable self-confidence you can always rely on.

Here they are:

1. What is THE truth?
2. What do I believe about this truth?
3. What action will I take?

I developed this process as my secret “go-to". For the last 20+ years, it's proven consistently successful in working with family, friends, and clients, in every situation. For example…let’s see how it works with NOT-ENOUGHNESS…..

1. WHAT IS THE TRUTH? The most basic truth. The day the “little swimmers” made it to the finish line that became human (you!) nine months later, the true miracle of our birth was established. There will never be another you. Ever. We are all essentially and utterly outstanding. Fingerprints. DNA. Outstanding, from that first welcome-to-the-world breath. Assuming we have been created in God’s image, then doesn’t that make us enough, right off the bat? Actually, we’ve each been divinely crafted to be incomparable.

Let that truth sink in for a second.

Each of us is Divinely Crafted.

2. What do (or can) I believe about this TRUTH?

+ I believe this IS actually true. I am already complete, in this very package.

+ What if I can also believe there is nothing I need to “fix”? What’s RIGHT with me?

3. What action will I take based on this truth and my beliefs?

Realizing how complete I am, I can take steps to develop myself with all that I ALREADY AM to become the best version of myself.

Here’s what I know FOR SURE:

These questions are universal. But, the answers will be unique to each of us.

We have total decision-making power over our lives. The quality of our lives depends entirely upon our own clarity about our ENOUGH-NESS. Seeing life through this lens of our uniquely intrinsic value, and being willing to take the time to ask and answer three simple questions, allows us to create our best decisions and right actions going forward.
Every time.

So, let me challenge you….Isn't it time? To embrace THE BIG, BASIC TRUTH about your very own self?

You, precious person,


Enough Already.