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When Is...Enough, ENOUGH?

We spend so much of our lives measuring and weighing and doing and achieving in order to be deemed ENOUGH.

In order to make it in "the club". In order to see people's heads nodding up and down in approval of us. Am I acceptable to THIS group, or to my team at work, or to the boss, or at home to the wife who wishes the hubs would make more money or be a more involved father? Or, am I the wife who appears to be an asset to her "get-ahead" husband or such a superior mother that my children will never hate me and end up in therapy or Heaven forbid, in prison, because I failed them somehow? Are we thin enough? Smart enough? Young enough? Have we passed THE amorphous but perpetual TEST?

I believe so much of the chaos and darkness in the world stems from a core human condition...NOT ENOUGH-NESS.

We humans just want to feel like we belong. We want to be respected. We would love to just be loved without a stellar resume. Without the luxury car, fashionista clothes or homes in the zippiest zip codes. We don't want to have to try so hard to get "the big checkmark". We don't want to feel so insecure/inadequate. We hate ourselves when we sneak "that shot of liquid courage" just before going to a party to take the anxious "edge" off. We just want to be confident enough to craft whole paragraphs of conversation without tripping over our tongues. We exhaust ourselves striving and reaching and stretching our energy and our finances and our basic values just trying to BE ENOUGH.

That's how fame for the sake of fame came into being. In our newly-minted Kardashian culture, people have become selfie-obsessed with their marquee value. NOT-ENOUGHNESS renders them in search of the "high gloss" life, in desperate need of being/feeling "elevated"...more than enough in the eyes of the world. Truth be told, we can find ourselves fascinated, even secretly jealous, of their "success", wondering how THEY could be so rich and famous (and yet, utterly talentless) when we are still flipping our 12-year-old mattress one more time and driving the clunker we bought after college.

NOT-ENOUGHNESS is at the core of what we've seen throughout history, and especially all too vividly throughout the world right now. NOT-ENOUGHNESS breeds that insatiable quest for power, the utter bullying and global kicking in the shins we, as a world, continue to perpetrate upon one another. NOT-ENOUGHNESS fuels the relentless energy to "win, at all costs", to control everything and everyone, to be "on top", to be measuring and comparing and crushing the competition.

SO HERE is today's big takeaway. BREATHE. It's such a relief...

BEING ENOUGH was already miraculously established when the "little swimmers" made their way to the finish line that eventually became you and me. YOU. AND. ME. A miracle in the making. Divinely crafted. Period.

Here's your bonus takeaway: Assuming we have been created in God's image, then doesn't that make us ENOUGH right off the bat? Why do we all have a unique fingerprint? It is because OUR BRAND is already unique ENOUGH. There will NEVER be another ME. OR YOU. No knock-offs, no matter how hard we try to look alike or sound alike...to fit in. We are essentially utterly outstanding, from the get-go. From that first welcome-to-the-world breath. Another miracle, just as you are.

Divinely Crafted. It's not only worth saying again, it's worth being repeated to let it sink in and simmer.

What if you said to yourself, "What is RIGHT with me? What can I expand upon in my divine wiring that will allow me to flourish?"

AND..."There is NOTHING I NEED TO FIX." I can develop myself with all that I ALREADY AM...to become the best version of myself. I just need to realize how complete I am, in this very package.

Nearly 20 years ago, at a time when my personal world and the one "out there" seemed to be upside-down, I learned about this way of believing, thinking, and doing. When I discovered a tool called The Strengths Finder.

I took that message--of being divinely crafted--and determined:

(1) there's nothing I need to fix--
(2) I can identify everything that's right with me, and--
(3) create a brand new vision for my life.

Applying what I learned through The Strengths Finder to my everyday life became vital for really believing in myself, for the first time...and in re-aligning my life around what's already been divinely gifted to me. Ever since then, I have used The Strengths Finder as a foundational tool in my consulting and coaching practice with many hundreds of amazingly ENOUGH people. It created a basis for my clients to see their own strengths and talents clearly, to get excited about their lives, and to propel their possibilities. It's an honor to share such a simple tool that can produce sustainable and profound results.

From my own experience in taking a long look into my life when it was rocky and uncertain, here's what I know for sure:

The quality of my life depends entirely upon my own clarity about my enough-ness. The subsequent point of view about my value will dictate my best decisions and right actions going forward. Every time.

We are probably not going to get the whole world to see things from this ENOUGH-NESS point of view. But, we have total decision-making power over our own lives. Being Positive on Purpose has become one of my decisions. It's a lens I have been developing for a very long time: to be determined to look for the good and the blessings that come with the lessons life has to offer us. It has come as my belief in my own ENOUGH-NESS has continued to grow. It remains a process that's part of everyday living. Knowing that I was created as God's child, and believing I have been gifted with this. very. life. I. am. living. That knowing has given me so much comfort over the years, especially now, when it can seem like the world looks like it's headed over the falls in a barrel.

No time like right now to embrace getting your arms around THE TRUTH about your very own self. YOU ARE...

Enough already.

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