Introducing Positivity Propellers: A Positive Light for Women with Cancer

Who Are Positivity Propellers?

Positivity Propellers are people we need to know much more about.

They are the people who are making our world a better place. They give us hope and raise our spirits. They are the DayMakers, the passionate Mission-Driven Doers, championing a cause. They are providing the positive spark to defy the odds in a world which seems more relentlessly negative all the time. They are intent on doing the right thing, just because it IS the right thing to do. They are not obsessed with marquee value or fame or acclaim or numbers of followers…they are seeking AND doing the things that make the world better. They renew our faith in the goodness of humanity.

They think about what CAN be done to lift others up and then they do it. We don’t say it often enough, but not only do we need to be grateful to them, we need to bring them and their good works to the forefront.

At Positive On Purpose, I am passionate about sharing their dynamic, life-lifting stories with you.


The first Positivity Propeller you are about to meet starts with a story... It took months to get a booking with a highly sought-after Dallas photographer. Only every once in a while would his schedule open up to book “regular people” like me. The goal was to create several, completely different lifestyle portraits to help promote a program I was developing for mid-life women, ready to re-purpose their lives.

Clothing, make-up, and hair also needed transforming to fit the styling for each shot. Having always been wretchedly uncomfortable in front of any camera, I was a vibrating mass of nerves, feeling very much out of my element. The photographer offered to reassure me by contacting his #1 stylist to help me pull off all these different “images”. He said, “I have the perfect person for you…..she can effortlessly do everything on our shot list AND, make you comfortable with all the changes. You will love her.”

He was right.

Jeanna Doyle arrived right on time, calm and smiling, with her massive rolling cart of make-up and hair accouterment. Any previous encounters with make-up artists had always intimidated me as well….I thought of them as being more theatrically “spackled”, ready to “paint my face”. Jeanna; however, was surprisingly natural in her own look. What a relief!

We began talking about particulars for the day as she laid out her “tools of the trade”. Our easy conversation led me to ask her how she became interested in her craft.

Before I go further with the story, I need to confess something…. about a personal obsession. I’ve always wanted to walk up to people, all kinds of people….sort of a “man-on-the-street” reporter thing….and ask them this about themselves.


So, whenever I meet someone new, if the conversation has a certain level of comfort, I can’t help myself. I have to ask them that question.

The result this particular day?

What could have been just another, on-location shoot day of “make-up and hair”, with Jeanna doing her job, being professional, 9:00 to 5:00, pack up, thank-you-very-much, done….turned into lasting admiration, inspiration, and forever friendship.

As a matter of fact, Jeanna, without knowing it, was one of the catalysts, inspiring my current mission to propel positivity in the world. Positive On Purpose, which now has thousands of followers, would probably never have happened without the story she shared.

I also learned a valuable lesson…..that my secret obsession to find out a person’s “back story” has always resulted in the same thing.

It only made me love people more.

When I learn about the pivotal details and chapters bringing someone to today, I am deeply awed….by what we have all endured, the ways in which it’s clear that we are so much more alike than we are different, our inevitable buoyancy and creativity that gets us through the best and worst of times, the lives we’ve lived within our “normal” families, the things that inspire us…..OH MY GOD… is not only endlessly fascinating, it is as life-affirming as it is soul-stirring.

Jeanna Doyle, and people like her, are the everyday angels in our midst.

They are the reason people can still believe in pure hearts, genuinely good vibes, and authentically kind souls.

As it turns out, Jeanna’s desire to help a dear friend, with cancer, to weather the ravages of radiation and chemo treatments, created the mission she pursues today.

Jeanna took her love for her friend and her love for the beauty industry and her knowledge of skin care esthetics, to new heights. It sent her on a quest seeking skincare and makeup solutions for women dealing with the nasty buffet of issues surrounding treatment for cancer.

What she learned inspired her to become the co-founder of The Hopemore….a specialty spa for women undergoing the trauma of cancer treatments.

Closing Thoughts and Take-aways:

1. If you have a “spark” of inspiration that you might dismiss as silly, think again. My “random” desire to ask people about their stories, seemed so “off the wall”….but it wouldn’t let me go. So eventually, I decided to just try it, asking people to share their stories with me. Most of the time, in the midst of telling their stories, they lit up like Christmas trees.

2. Sometimes the worst of times can have the most life-enhancing outcomes. Jeanna, watching her friend struggle with wanting to be “normal” during cancer treatments, was the catalyst that led her to deepen her knowledge. She had no idea that the love for her friend would cause her to become a pioneer, a world researcher, and a leader, advocating for women in a way that’s been rarely understood before.

The Hopemore’s Virtual Consultations are designed to address your skincare, makeup, and/or wig needs. These consults are the perfect way to receive a customized plan from our oncology-trained, skincare and makeup experts in the convenience of your home. Have a loved one going through treatment? These consultations are the perfect gift for loved ones anywhere.

The Hopemore Podcast is a beauty show designed specifically for women diagnosed with cancer. Most episodes are under five minutes and cover the topics you care about most. The show, hosted by Jeanna Doyle and Kris Astroff, features episodes on skincare, makeup, wigs, and well-being with special episodes for friends with our best practices so they can better support you. Season 2 Coming Soon!

The Hopemore Gift Cards make a great gift for any occasion. If you have a friend or family member going through cancer treatment or other injury/illness, pamper them with something special. You can also purchase gift cards as a donation to someone going through cancer treatments with Hopemore's Pay It Forward program.


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