Resolutions? NAH. Top 10 Things to Do All Year

If the last two years have taught us anything it’s that PLAN A has truly become THE Cosmic Joke. We’ve had to face ourselves whether we like it or not.

It’s been THE time to go within and have a look-see.

Some days we’ve been proud of our resilience, creativity, and perseverance. Other days we’ve taken a deep dive into our navels and asked ourselves...”What’s really important to ME?”


Still other days, we are faced with our wallowing, our pissed-off selves, our overwhelming need for chocolate to be served at our next pity party, or making sure the car is gassed up for our next trip to the liquor store. The beast needs soothing. We are all these things on a sliding scale every day.

So, going into 2022, what if we started just by thinking about creating our lives and ourselves to be more positive and on purpose? No giant resolutions. No sweeping statements...but just some gentle encouragements to begin again this new year??

What IF you could choose to focus on one or two (or all) of the following:

1. I will accept ALL OF ME. Maybe even, I could decide to find myself fascinating. My story is completely unique, after all.

2. I will become more clear this year, about my motivations and desires. I will look for ways to look inside without judgment.

(Check out CliftonStrengths & The Enneagram)

3. I will be more gentle with me instead of judging myself with perpetual acid-tongued self-talk. The world “out there” is cruel enough without my allowing it to live inside me too.

4. I will let my dreams and goals come to the surface. I will realize the world needs my gifts.

5. I will realize by asking for help when I need becomes a way for others to share their gifts with me. A win-win.

6. I will let “NO” be a complete sentence.

7. I will get in the habit of practicing appreciation. Every day. I can do that by noticing someone whose words or actions have been a positive addition to my day and acknowledging them in the moment.

8. I will start focusing on the good/great in my everyday life.

Loving my life. Just as it is.

9. I will start appreciating and acknowledging myself first.

10. I will be conscious of shifting my thoughts to the positive because I know they will have a profoundly purposeful effect.

Be WELL & Happy New Year, precious people.


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