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Diving Into Summer: Great Reads for Sunny Days

Summer is the time to take off from the routine of every day. Or, at least that’s the picket fence version of life. It’s the time of long, lazy days where the book you’ve been reading falls off your chest and doesn’t even wake you up when it hits the floor.

Little boys get their summer buzz cut. Lightning bugs are shown no mercy as they get collected in mason jars, with holes in the lids….so, o.k., a little mercy. We eat watermelon and spit the seeds at targets nailed to trees. In the south, we fan….and make ice cream….a lot.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of a cool, head-to-toe shower, after a day of play in the sun, followed by meeting up with friends and family on the porch, re-dressed in fresh, crispy clothes—for the single-minded ritual of rocking away the rest of the day….as the gigantic Dreamsicle ball of sun melts into the earth just one more time. Heaven.

Kicking back also is a great time to dive in. Sometimes those lazy, hazy afternoons unearth the storm in your heart. Moments beneath the surface of your soul can excavate treasures buried under the stress of carpooling, ailing parents, and making ends meet.

Sound good? Well, let me offer a few treasures I have discovered in the process of my own nose dive into the navel—-wonderful books that could ease you into deeper waters if you would like to snorkel your way into more of you… this summer.


Having the Life You Want by Being Present to

the Life You Have by Mark Nepo As the title suggests, these are thoughts on being plugged into your own life, written so that you can let it fall open to any page—-and see the miracle of how often the subject matter seems to fit something happening to you at that very moment. Buy It Now


How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start

Living an Awesome Life

by Jen Sincero

This time is a NY Times Best Seller, read by over 4 million people and counting. Its wisdom-laced hilarity is the pump-it-up read for the summer.

Buy It Now


Discovering New Ways of LIving When the Old Ways Stop Working

by Shauna Niequist

This is the latest great book from Niequist who turns life’s fine print into all caps. You’ll wish she lived next door. You may even want to gather your girlfriends and read this one together, after coffee and before wine.

Buy It Now


100 Paths to Wisdom and Strength in an Uncertain World Carol offers ways to feel connected to the flow of life—even when it can seem to be interrupted on a regular basis. Again, as she outlines the 10 stages of resilience—you can take them in random order, letting your mind float—and still not miss a thing. Buy It Now


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