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Think Like a Weed

Got weeds? Me too.

No matter how many I pull out, a few days later…there they are again.

Weeds even find a way to grow out of cracks in the concrete, seams in the street that appear to be completely filled with tar. They pop out of gigantic red rock mountains in Colorado. Weeds (and roaches) are even mentioned in the Bible!

So, I ask myself….

Have I ever been that determined about anything?

The lesson here is that I could stand to be much more like a weed. Continuing to grow. Continuing to move forward. Continuing to do what I was put on this earth to do. Growing against all the odds. Never giving up.

I find myself praying sometimes for a particular pain to stop, for the frustration to get out of the way, for the person to just shut up. My will is for the dial to be turned to off, for all the circumstances and all the weeds to disappear forever.

What if just asking for things to stop “right now” actually stops the process of some deeper understanding?

What if I am missing “the big AH HA!” because my lack of patience has no faith in the other side of the coin?

What if a certain amount of pain IS part of a process, that if cut too short, could have ultimately been seen as a propeller or as a way to be more discerning about the next time the same situation exists?

What if I could be as persistent as a simple weed? Or as patient. Or as knowing….with the faith that no matter what, I will be back. I will get up and out and I will be seeking the light again today and tomorrow and the next day? I may be pulled out of one situation only because another is waiting for me to grow into it.

Instead of hissing and spitting the next time I see one, a simple weed can remind me to ask myself….”What do I need to be more persistent about, more determined to do? What corner do I need to see my way around? Where is the light?”


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