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Being Positive On Purpose Means...

Making a decision to see both the bigger picture AND the fine print. It’s about creating an action plan based on values and self-awareness. It’s a choice to eventually find fascination for all of life itself. It’s a bone-deep knowing that there is a purpose for every single thing, every event, every person. It’s believing the purpose in life is to wake up, to decide to see, to look beyond the surface into the heart of all the matters. It’s a constant commitment to learning  lessons and growing forward with a new view and an enhanced story.

Peggy Pepper Positive On Purpose

Being Positive On Purpose Means...

We decide we are going to get on top of life, rather than being crushed by it. We open the door to determination, resilience, and higher energy. We ask for help. We pray. We become laser-focused. We start telling ourselves a new story about how things are going to be. At some point, we decide that the suffering will serve us with clarity for our future.

We can still play in the ocean AND deal with the undertow. We can be afraid AND brave. We can kick and scream and crash and burn at unfairness, indignities, evils, and misfortunes.


And, then…we will absolutely, positively figure out a way to thrive through whatever challenges life throws our way and to rise…


into a better version of ourselves.

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Being Positive On Purpose Means...

We are committed to finding a way to process anger and grief. Unresolved anger and grief are like sewer water running through our veins. It will fuel all kinds of future bile and bitterness. It comes out as bravado, or bullying, or gossip, or depression, or illness. It shuts down our curiosity and creativity, our zest. Our dreams dry up.

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Being Positive On Purpose Means...

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Life Calling Today Podcast

Listen as Peggy shares about how positivity impacts your life in a powerful way & how to turn big disappointments into a positive & purposeful future. 

Women of Excellence Podcast

On this podcast for high-achieving women, Peggy shares how failure can actually be a positive opportunity to better discern our goals.

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I so hope you will join me on this mission to propel positivity on purpose in your life.


There's never been a time when living with Passion, Purpose, Peace & Positivity has ever been more important.


There's more to come...please join me in being a "propeller"...I promise there is much more on the way to make your day!

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