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Listen as Peggy encourages people to reflect on the unique treasure trove of wisdom they accumulate as they journey through life. Learn about reframing negative situations and three things you can do to kick off your day in a positive way. 

Women of Excellence

Peggy introduces her newest venture creating Positive On Purpose, for people committed to propelling positivity. With her signature humor, Peggy encourages others to resist intimidation and comparison with a positive approach in life. She discusses how the "stinky brown stuff" in life can actually lead to better discernment about the things we really want.

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Life Calling Today

Book Peggy to be a Guest on Your Podcast!

I would love to join the conversation on your podcast! I'm prepared to touch on a number of topics such as The Science Behind Positivity and REAL Positivity vs. Toxic Positivity. More than anything, I just love to be a part of any conversation where I can share my lifelong experience in thriving through this thing called life. 

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