My life story can’t be told in one of those perfect social media sound bites. I’m not a single witty paragraph, so get ready to read a bit.  


I’m not ever gonna apologize for doing things differently. After all, I can only encourage you…to DO YOU…..if I am unequivocally DOING ME too.


You see, I really want you to know me and where I’m coming from in the most personal way.


Here’s where I’m coming from right now…



PEOPLE DETERMINED to PROPEL POSITIVITY & GOODNESS not only for themselves but for the world. 


We really do need each other.  More. Than. Ever.

We need to be intentional about How. We. Live. 

Intentionally POSITIVE in all areas of life.

Championing the success of others, seeing people flourish with unwavering confidence rooted in co-creating a plan leading to the fulfillment of their dreams, has been my mission in life. 


Working early on in the “Mad-Men” world of international advertising, I was part of a team that literally launched a city. We took one man’s dream, plus a lot of dirt and trees and turned it into The Woodlands, a thriving, sought-after place to live to this day. I learned such a valuable lesson then: it’s impossible until it’s done. It was inevitable that I would get the itch to launch some dreams of my own.


My partnership in a start-up oil company, where I was responsible for company branding, strategic planning, and day-to-day operations, among other things, resulted in revenues of over $1.2 Billion.


At the same time, and to this day, I’ve pursued my love of home and lifestyle design, renovating/transforming over 50 homes throughout the country. This design work garnered the attention of multiple national magazines, resulting in a book called EASY STYLE, and led to multiple television appearances during the launch of HGTV.


Years later, after a divorce and remarriage, I finally honored a life-long spiritual calling by entering the seminary. After completing an additional year to focus on pastoral care and counseling, I became ordained in 2005.


NOW was the time to further my mission to see others flourish. Blending my broad-based personal and professional experience, I was able to create a hybrid program to work with individuals and companies intent on growing their lives and results with positivity and purpose. Creating strategic yet down-to-earth goals and workable plans to move life forward with values-oriented success has been the consistent focus. 

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