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My clients have repeatedly said...

"Working" with you has not felt like's been more like brainstorming with a trusted friend, who's been around the block many more times than I have."


To use my extensive personal and professional life experience, along with my deepest desire to see...


YOU doing YOU in the best way possible.

Loving your life. Personally and professionally.

Understanding & utilizing your unique talents.

Doing the things that matter you.

Having unshaken-able, authentic self-confidence.

Creating your path. Knowing your plan.


Course correcting as a way of learning rather than criticizing.

Being perpetually and sustainably POSITIVE on PURPOSE.

We all deserve a life like that. 

Don't you think so?

If you agree...we can do that...together.

Whatever it takes.

Peggy Pepper Positive on Purpose Mentoring
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My clients have come from all walks of life.


The one thing they have had in common is a deep desire to move forward toward their own BEST NEXT.


They have been famous, fashion/lifestyle industry gurus, empty-nesters determined to re-fill their lives with tangible new purpose, couples who wanted to stop growing apart by creating a unified purpose and re-needed passion. People, at the top of their careers, who felt too lonely and too stressed for too long, desperate to re-calibrate a less gut-wrenching way of life. People in stalled-out careers wanting to go forward or get out. People who simply wanted to push themselves “off the ledge” they had secretly been teetering on for too long. People, recently retired, who were filling their days but not fulfilling their lives.


Do any of these strike a chord with you?

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During this One Time Discovery Call session, we will get acquainted.

I'm here as a sounding board for you to express anything that's on your mind. I'll give you feedback. This is your time.


We will gather information about where you see yourself now,

      AND your dreams for the future.

Forget a typical “coach's curriculum" that's been mapped out for the masses. Prepare to find yourself fascinating.



- Expanding your God-given talents into a doable plan

- Purposeful living after retirement

- Turning a passion into a business

- Filling life with exciting possibilities after the nest is empty

- Rebuilding a fulfilling life after death or divorce

- Revisiting a talent that never had a chance to take off

- Making that secret dream a reality...finally

- Polishing your image for ultimate self-confidence

- Creating a positive home to love

- Reframing my negative thoughts into positive perspectives

We'll see if we are a fit for one another. I can’t take every client on for the long term...some just aren’t ready to go forward. But if you are, we will outline how our relationship can develop from here.

We'll see if this is a launchpad to something more and then create an ongoing program together.

If you're ready to get started, let's book a time to talk...

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