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I love gifts that I have selected some of my own favs for you!

I wanted to make it easy for you to send "just because" gifts to friends and family. Here are my own tried and true sources that have made giving such a pleasure. No companies are sponsoring this or paying me on the back end. I just like to share what I know puts a happy in the heart and a light in the eyes of both the giver and the receiver. Positivity on action.



For years, Compendium has been my "go to" source for encouragement for the special people in my life. If you love quotes, based on a certain theme, set in a sensational, but simple, little books, cards, or tiny gifts to tuck in someone's pocket, by the bed, that will live forever in the heart, this is the place. Motivational and inspirational and simply powerful.



Gifts galore, for every taste and occasion. I have loved their cozy selection of mugs and throws. But grab your own cuppa coffee and plan to "cruise" through some wonderful, affordable "love you" ideas for a spontaneous something to make someone's day. I keep a drawer of their items on hand for days when letting someone know they are special to me is imperative.



You have never really bubble-bathed properly until you sink into a steaming mist that will send your AHHHH factor into orbit. Your nose will thank you forever. The line also includes body lotions & washes, bath oils, perfumes and room sprays. The scents are heaven in the air, in a drawer or on the skin...InLove Classic Petal is my all time favorite, FYI.

no crumbs2.jpg

No Crumbs Left

Have you ever loved a meal so much that you wanted to lick the plate? Even more is the realization that everything on the plate was super healthy. Teri Turner has created the ultimate, easy, beautiful, healthy line-up of recipes that you could serve to a very happy family...and fool your friends into thinking the meal you made was a decadent departure from what you always thought "health food" would be like. A great gift. And Teri updates recipes all the time on her website as well. Give yourself a gift and subscribe!


Good Morning Mugs

What's better than the smell of coffee to get you up and at 'em? Well, I'll tell you...a mug that says a happy "HELLO" every day! We leave them out next to the coffee pot all the time. These are just positivity propellers in the simplest way. Consider finding your own mug that makes launching your day a happy experience. These mugs come from Wal-Mart sold separately for less than $5. No kidding. No caffeine necessary to rev up your day.

Mustard Seed2.JPG

Mustard Seed Jewelry

This gorgeous blonde, Marcie Finney Ditto, is also the creator of this pretty faith-based jewelry. Another fabulous place for inspirational gifts and personal treasures. As timeless as they are tasteful, appealing to a wide range of lucky recipients. Well priced, too. Tasteful but not break-the-bank expensive. Awesome “Mountain Moving” motivational greeting cards. Creating beautiful things, an amazing mission, and a heart for giving. What’s not to love?

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