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20 Positive Things to Start Doing in Your Relationships

Have you missed the sense of true connection with those you care about in the last few years? I have. Truth be told, I think we have all felt an unusual sense of loneliness with the sequestering, the fear of even hugging one another, and the eyes-only faces we’ve seen when we’ve been in public.

Knowing how much I love a good list, a friend recently shared a great one with me…about reviving our relationships, which might be in need of some “clucking over" from us. I loved it so much, I wanted to pay it forward. We all need not only reminders but also great, easy ideas about how to live a rich, satisfying life…one with depth and breadth and joy and love and support that includes the people we love most.

Here are 20 gentle nudges. Consider putting them into action in order to rev up our current cherished relationships. And consider these ideas in general, when it comes to relating to anyone & everyone who crosses your path.


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