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What Can You REALLY Control?

LIFE “OUT THERE” can seem so freaking crazed and out of control. The “Holy-Shit-What’s-Gonna-Happen-Next” factor seems to have hit a new high, doesn’t it?

When you look back over time…..LIFE “OUT THERE” has always seemed that way. But, instead of making a list to prove that point, how about a list that’s designed to get us off the ledge and into our own thoughts and actions about OUR WORLD….”IN HERE”?

See what you think. Hopefully, this list will inspire you to make your own list. As a matter of fact, you are welcome to download the list of suggestions, plus a list full of lines that you can fill in for yourself.

We hope this brings you a surge of possibilities, along with hope, and peace, and creativity for your very own life. Enjoy.

Things You Can Control Download
Download PDF • 9KB


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