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LISTEN WELL: 5 Positive Secrets You Never Knew

Last week, we talked about How to Speak So That People Want to Listen. It was a TED TALK, given by Julian Treasure about our need for connection, what it takes to get people’s attention and the essential value it adds to our lives when we really communicate with one another.

This week, we are back with Julian Treasure, who is a world renowned expert on understanding the role sound plays in all our communications…


I will never think about speaking & listening in the same way again. The more than 60,000 viewers of these two TED TALKS probably feel the same way.

Do you feel it….At the same time our world is experiencing global access to one another, our attention spans seem to be shrinking. If you can’t say it in a sound bite, then we are on to the next sound bite. And, the world has become such a noisy place, we find ourselves getting much better at tuning out all the cacophony…but what are we missing in the process. Are we hearing everything and nothing simultaneously?

Our media has learned to get our attention by sensationalism and what I call “screaming words.” I think its one of the reasons the “F” word is used so often for emphasis…now, it's become punctuation for passion that still carries a bit of shock value.

But this kind of in-your-face, bell ringing is doing more to create a certain societal numbness on the surface while amping up an inner loneliness and anxiety because...

as humans, we are wired to crave connection, consistency, and calm.

Tune in to this one.

It’s about learning to


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