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3 Positively Simple Things You CAN DO When It Seems Like There's Nothing You Can Do

Before sharing my list of CAN DO’s… is necessary to thank my toes. Yes, all ten of them. You see, there was a time in my life, after a devastating car wreck when my body completely shut down. Comatose. Nothing worked. I wasn't given much of a chance of pulling through. Just enough gray matter, mixed with the will to live, to say to my inner self…YOU GOTTA DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. When I realized I could wiggle my toes, it was as if the entire Mormon Tabernacle Choir was gloriously singing in my head. Utter triumph! I WAS ALIVE! My toes confirmed it. Those wiggling toes, responding to my brain asking, “Please!”, were the something that got me on the road to recovery.

Recent events in the world have left me feeling almost as helpless as lying in that hospital bed, some days. And yet, I am also just as determined, to do something positive… as recovering from that car wreck. How can I watch the news and not want to turn the whole world right-side up again? Which of course, leaves me feeling totally overwhelmed. Like, really, who am I? Whatever I might do would be just a spit in the ocean against the tidal wave of bad events and bad people doing bad things. Do you ever feel that way?

So, I remember my toes. Whodda thunk the wiggling of toes would have such a lasting impact. But, I know. For sure. Even the smallest things can make the biggest difference.

When we are feeling stuck or lost or exhausted and nothing seems to be working….the best thing we can do is the most ridiculously simple thing we can think of. What’s your version of wiggling your toes? What’s something that will always make you laugh? Or move? Make them your GO TO.

It will start a new trajectory.

No Kidding…Find some silly touchstone that will always make you smile on a daily basis. Here’s an example!

I’ve learned the more simple the stuff you create for yourself, the more it builds upon itself. And it seems to have the most profound and lasting results. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

When it’s easy, it’s easy to become a habit. Then another habit and another. A good (and easy) habit is better than a cold popsicle on a hot day. Good habits don’t melt. They solidify and make more good habits even easier. Good habits have a great way of making us feel better about ourselves and about life in general. Better opportunities and nicer people seem to show up as well. People will notice and begin asking for your secret.

The secret is DO SIMPLE.

Another secret note to self….don’t question or apologize for what works for you. OK, FINALLY….Here are they are…

The three, simple iron-clad every day, “YOU GOTTA DO SOMETHING’s” that have worked for me….consistently

1. PRAY. First thing, when I wake up BUT BEFORE I open my eyes…..I say a tiny little prayer…two sentences, tops. “Thank you for my life, just as it is. Let your light of compassion and courage shine through me today in all ways.”

That’s it. Boom. Feet hit the floor.

This simple prayer is constructed with only two things in mind:

*What am I thankful for?

*What quality (NOT, what thing) do I want to develop within myself?

There’s your prayer.

2. SMILE. As I walk into the bathroom after that simple prayer, I look myself right in the eye and smile. S M I L E Yes, indeedy. No matter WHAT kind of freak show I am looking at.

At first…It feels ridiculous. But, remember…no one is looking at you but you! That should make you laugh just thinking about it.

It’s been revolutionary for me in creating a sense of positive, inner peace. Still, most days, instead of smiling and saying “good morning” to myself, I can’t help but laugh. But now it’s become a compassionate laugh, rather than that perfectionist, caustic laugh. Being glad to see myself, no matter what, has become real.

In many ways that smile process takes me right back to my toes. It seems like such a simple thing but it took all my determination and effort to do that one act every day. That simple smile, at my very own self, was such a powerful step in the right direction in creating a life well-lived. Who knew?

When is the last time you had a serious case of LIKE or even LOVE for yourself? Until I started doing this, one simple thing, I could hardly stand looking at myself except to get dressed and get out the door. If you try it for 30 days, see how you feel. It may just become a habit. It can still be your secret ‘ya know. 3. ACTIVELY ACKNOWLEDGE OTHERS. Once you have taken care of yourself, with #1 and #2, this is a biggie. People love to really be SEEN for their positive efforts. We all know how great “getting gotten”, in the best possible way, feels. The key to #3 is seeing people and appreciating them in REAL time. Today. Don’t just think it and let it pass. Magnify the moment. SAY IT NOW.

The best part of setting an intention to actively acknowledge others is that first, we have to pay attention to the positive things people are doing around us. It’s proven. What we focus on multiplies. It’s one of the best double whammies I can think of. Everyone benefits. Doing this is guaranteed to be a day-maker for sure. For everyone involved. So now, it's become a very happy habit.

When you SEE something positive SAY something positive.

In the moment.

Simple. Positive On Purpose.

That’s it. YAY YOU. You are on your way with three simple things that will always turn your day, your week, your month, and your life around. You aren’t stuck. Your toes know.


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