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Being Soft Can Be So Hard

Sometimes we get the idea that HARD should be a goal. Going for that HARD body. The only path to success is through HARD grueling work. If you hit me HARD, I’ll show you...I’ll hit you even HARDER.

We can believe the whole world is a HARD place. It CAN seem that way at times. But you know what?

I think one of the HARDEST things to do in life is to commit to being SOFT over CYNICAL. No matter what. It’s so much HARDER to choose BETTER over BITTER. To be SOFT with yourself when you know you’ve screwed up.

Looking the HARD things in life, right in the eye, and choosing to remain SOFT and GENTLE isn’t for sissies. It is an act of a POWERFUL TRANSCENDENT WILL.

It’s the definition of being Positive On Purpose.


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