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Creating a Beautiful Life...No Matter What

When my friend was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, pretty much throughout her body…we agreed to find a process that would put us on a mission together. After taking her to a chemo treatment one day, we came up with the idea to create a “Beauty Book”. It wasn’t about make-up and hairstyles. It was about looking for the beauty all around us. We shared something every day. We filled the book with quotes, and leaves, and movie tickets and candy wrappers… photos of friends and flowers…whatever felt like cherished moments.

She was holding the book, and my hand, when she left this life.

One day, she told me,

“Peggy, I am not the least bit sad about dying. We are all going to die from something. What makes me so sad is that I could have been living THIS way, looking for and finding beauty all around me, EVERY DAY of my life. Instead, I was a rigid perfectionist and a constant critic of myself and everyone else.”

In our most difficult times, angels appear. I call them Positivity Propellers.

I'll introduce you to one in next week's follow-up.

Allow me to introduce you to Niki Hardy, cancer survivor, THRIVER, and all-around propeller of positivity. Her incredible website is full of support and resources for cancer patients and anyone going through a challenging time in their lives. Her podcast, Chemo Chair Prayers, and book, One-Minute Prayers for Women with Cancer, are overflowing with wisdom, insight, empathy, and humor. They make much-needed companions on the cancer journey.

"Life can be tough but growing our faith and loving our life shouldn’t be."

More than a survivor, thriver Niki Hardy offers this book of bite-sized devotions, Scripture verses, and prayers to help women cope with the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty that comes with cancer.

With wisdom, insight, empathy, and yes, a little humor, Niki helps you transform fear into faith and navigate the ups and downs of your cancer journey. You can experience God's peace and provision during this challenging time.

Are you or someone you love going through cancer? Through a short story, a prayer using the TRUST guided prayer practice, and an invitation for the days ahead, cancer Thriver Niki Hardy helps you fight fear, conquer anxiety, and build unshakable faith and trust.

When life crumbles & threatens to bury us – we’re left overwhelmed, drowning, unable to catch a breath, questioning God, and merely surviving a life we never signed up for. Sound familiar? Breathe Again is the practical, no-nonsense friend you need at times like this. Through seven hands-on practices and stories from others who’ve been where you are, as well as prayers and questions to guide you, let me help you ditch the rubbish you believe about yourself and God and grab hold of the life He came to give you.


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