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If 2020 has given us any gift….it’s the awareness of the importance of friends in our lives.  What WOULD we do without them? We wouldn’t be doing as well as we are. Whether they have been in our lives since nap break in kindergarten or we have found one another just this year….we know who they are. We feel heard.  Supported.  Understood. Loved without our resumé or any superficial assessment of who we are. Warts and all. Dumb stuff we say and wish we could take back. Our bravado to cover our quivering vulnerability.  They are hanging in there with us just because we are we, and they are they!

This year, like no other, has allowed us to see with 2020 vision, that our friends are seeing us through it all.

I’m sharing this very special video, a song I have never heard before, sung by such angelic voices….in our American military, no less.  It’s a song that says it all about friendship….we ARE singing one another through. 

Please share with everyone and anyone you love….we need one another so much right now.


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