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Give the Gift of Compassion for Christmas

Our world seems to be short on compassion these days, doesn’t it?

I don’t know about you, but so much of the last few years, I have felt a particular kind of helplessness and heartache…..feeling the world struggling with so many issues for the re-kindling of a humane humanity….something needs to change.


I’ve always thought of myself as a positive person. Things will get me down. Some things in my life have taken me down to the depths, but I have always believed there was a positive path back to center. And, it has always been up to me to find the solutions and the lessons in these life events….to become BETTER rather than BITTER. That can be a very tall order to accomplish alone. One of the reasons was created was specifically to do anything I could to propel positivity and compassion in the world.

So, when I was having a catch-up lunch with a dear friend, shortly after my husband and I moved back to Dallas this spring…..I was expecting to share the chapters we had missed out on with one another while I was gone the last 3 years. Mexican food and Margaritas were aiding in our high-energy fun.

I wasn’t expecting to be gob-smacked.

She casually asked what, if anything, had I noticed about changes in Dallas, in general, after being gone during the pandemic.

We had moved to a sleepy mountain town, where, if we had to wait even for 5 cars to pass the entrance to our community so we could head out on the highway, it was considered a “bad traffic” day.

So, we were laughing about the radical changes in pace…..and the differences the new surge of people, coming each month to Dallas during COVID, had made. Country life barely had a pulse some days. NOW….every day felt like some human anthill had been kicked into motion.

Another surprise I shared…“Can you believe all the influx of homeless people? What an “eyesore” this is for “us”. Looks like we are headed for the same “mess” they have in San Francisco.”

No response.

Her eyes widened. Her face became very still while she waited for me to finish my point. Clearly, she had not joined in with my disgust and said...

“I try to approach the homeless from a place of compassion by imagining that they could be my mother, father, brother, sister or friend.”

I suddenly had a realization. With all my carefully chosen declarations of positivity and kindness, it dawned on me that I had actually been selectively filtering my content.

Where was MY COMPASSION for this world-wide issue?

Flashing through me….I had to get real. I admitted to myself how uncomfortable it made me to even pull up to an intersection with a homeless person standing there…..I did not want to look at them for fear there would be eye contact, making me all the more squirmy and conflicted about my ongoing desire to “help” people. I realized, in that Mexican food and Margarita moment, with my friend, that I had become a believer in all the cliches about the homeless.

“Who’s to say they aren’t just panhandlers, or drug addicts using whatever money I might give them for more drugs…..they just WANT to live on the street….they don’t really want help.”

I probably repeated all of the above to her, by rote. I don’t remember. What I will never forget, is what she said next.

“I don’t have to imagine very hard. I found my own father on one of those street corners one day.”

My jaw dropped as she recounted the story of her own very much loved and once, highly successful father, who, little did she know, had ended up living homeless on the streets of Dallas for over three years. After her parent’s divorce, he had gone off the grid. He was in and out of her life, for a long time. He struggled with injuries, increasingly bad health and substance abuse issues. She knew he had been “in trouble” but had no idea the extent of his problems or living conditions.

She finally found him. Then, she took him home…..a single woman….with her social life and burgeoning career. She took him home with her, without question. She cared for him, through all of his struggles, with relentless love and compassion, until his early death a few years ago. We’ve known one another nearly ten years and worked intensively on many projects together. I had no idea.

What came out of her searingly personal experience was an inside understanding of exactly how someone could be standing on a street corner, desperate for help. She realized after seeing her own father’s luminous trajectory, then crash to earth…how many people might be just a heartbeat away from it happening to them. She made it a mission to become educated about the more-than-meets-the-eye issues of the homeless in our world.

Armed with education and experience, she took positive, practical, powerful action. Her action became a mission. She has become a role model for proactive compassion. The rest of us can learn so much from her. Because of her, we can now easily emulate something tangible, doable, and profoundly life altering, not only for the recipients of her mission, but also for those of us who commit to joining in and participating as well.


She keeps them in her car all the time, to give to a homeless person whenever possible. She creates her own kits with the items she learned were most basic but most vital when living a life on the streets. These items are placed in large zip-lock bags ready to give through a rolled-down car window to quickly share.

A complete listing of items for these kits follows, if you would like to create your own.

There is also a link to Amazon at the end of the article to each item listed… make assembly quick and easy.

There are also pre-made kits, available on AMAZON with a link for purchase here.




WANT TO CREATE A BRAND NEW CHRISTMAS TRADITION in addition to the looking-at-holiday lights, visiting with Santa, and sleigh rides?


WANT A SIMPLE WAY TO ROLE MODEL for your kids, about THINGS THAT CAN BE DONE when the world is telling us….there’s nothing we can do?

Keeping these COMPASSION KITS, always stocked in your car, will keep compassion and kindness and generosity front and center in your family’s life.

Or what if you made these COMPASSION KITS as a family project together?

Your children (and YOU) will have the ongoing experience of compassion.

The world will become a softer place in your heart and in your home.



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When you make a qualifying purchase through the provided links, a donation will be made through Amazon Smile to The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center in Dallas, in honor of my friend's father who received their vital recovery care services.


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