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LOVE.YOUR.LIFE. That's the point, isn't it?

To create a life we can love. The kicker is to do it... NO. MATTER. WHAT.

The last few years, in particular, have presented us with some huge challenges.

Believing in the power of positivity in the most divisive and gnarly of times is a tall order. It’s so much easier to just become bitter.


First, it’s deciding to always choose better over bitter.

Then, it’s a daily purposeful commitment to focus specifically on how ANY negative situation might eventually serve you.

Then, it’s about a determination to look past the obvious to ask “What could I learn from this?” Or, “How will this help me to become more discerning?” Or, “How could I help someone avoid the hurt this situation has caused me?”

Then, it’s creating a belief system that says, “No matter what happens, I will come away with greater wisdom, with strengthened resolve to dig in and move forward.”


“I refuse to be a victim. I will claim my power over any setback.”

I totally get it. This time last year, for all kinds of reasons, life was alternating between being a swift kick in the rear, or a punch in the gut, on every level. I was in dire need of a positive perking up on a daily basis. It occurred to me that I might not be the only one needing a daily boost. So, I simply decided to create what I needed most.

Amazing. In a short time, thousands of people were counting on a PositiveOnPurpose "pops of positivity" to kick-start their day. Comments and questions began coming to me, asking me for more….one of the most consistent questions was…

”What makes YOU so positive?”

That’s when I knew I had to step up with more from my own life….the backstories that brought me to the belief systems and methods that allowed me to create my own tried and true path to positivity. No. Matter. What.

I felt challenged. And scared. This was very personal stuff.

I’ve witnessed the power of a simple quote to turn someone’s day around,…..this one quote from best-selling author, amazing speaker, and down-to-earth human, Brene Brown, proved to be the exact push I needed.

This quote sums it all up. It was the lightning bolt YES, to be brave. To finally share the raw realities that have nothing to do with my glossy resume.

Because, I realized if I don’t share with you, my own very bumpy journey through some of the hideously challenging times in my life, you will always believe my mission to propel positivity in the world is some nice lady with a nice idea who has never practiced what she’s propelling.

The nice lady part. That’s true. But the “nice idea” thing…. well….it’s so, so much more than that.

Learning to be Positive on Purpose is not just some woo-woo, la-la, ride your unicorn into the sunset poofy idea. It’s a deeply life-altering belief system creating a way of life that will always propel you forward.

In sharing it with family, friends, and clients over the last twenty years…I’ve seen it learned, lived, and loved (eventually) even by some of the most naturally negative-leaning people.

Let me ask you something.

When you think about areas of your life you’d like to improve or sadnesses you’d like to move past or real-world support to make your dreams come true… you seek out someone with a nice workbook full of weekly checklists…or do you want to learn from the person who has literally crashed and burned? The person who found their way back from the dust and dirt and blood…who became even more determined to move right on past survive…and managed to find the way to thrive…no matter what life has thrown their way.

Wherever you are right now, whatever is happening in your life, my hope is that being part of PositiveOnPurpose will enable you to

look life right in the eye

and confidently say,

I’ve got this

No. Matter. What.



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