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Mastering Trying Times on Purpose: Here's How

This TED TALK by Susan David REALLY spoke to me. When I find something that has such resonance with our times, with our current challenges, with our personal desire to not just “get through it” but reinforces our deepest desire to flourish…no matter what…I just have to share. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and find a comfy spot with minimal interruptions…it takes about 10 minutes. It was so good, I took a sandbox break and watched it again. Not only will WHAT she has to say get your wheels rolling, but the WAY she says it with her South African accent, will captivate you.

Susan tells her personal story about what inspired her life’s work as a psychologist and human potential researcher via Harvard University. If you like Brené Brown at all, you will love what Susan has to say about what it takes to create emotional dexterity and agility. About what it takes to embrace the mess in the world around us without becoming messy ourselves. And about creating the awareness it takes to find understanding, confidence and purpose through the most challenging of times. FYI…The audience spontaneously jumped to their feet, cheering, when she concluded. Not because she was finished…but because hearts and heads were opened in a profound way. I wanted to do the same thing even though I was sitting in the sack in my ratty bathrobe and old socks. It was that moving.

Flourish forward, no matter what.

One more THOUGHT….

Just know that my mission to propel positivity into the world is NOT about denying the truth, or about shutting off our feelings about what’s real. Susan David talks about “inauthentic/Pollyanna positivity”…the kind that denies anything is wrong or upsetting. Nope. Not me.  POSITIVE ON PURPOSE is about being determined to look life right in the eye and dealing with WHATEVER is going on. It’s about having the faith, that we will not only get through challenging times but we choose to believe there will be valuable lessons to be learned, even if we get those “AH-HA’s” later. That every event, every change, every challenge, every person, every victory and every heartbreak will shape our emotional agility, our values and our confidence to face this life just as it is.  To stay determined to flourish forward.  NO MATTER WHAT.


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