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NOW WHAT? How to Shape a Bright Future

Let me start with a confession: I don’t have a clue what’s right for you.

All I know is what I have learned in the middle of being on top of the world one minute, then crashing to earth in a giant steaming pile of “whodda-thunk". Sometimes I’ve pressed the power button on the roller coaster myself. Other times, LIFE has rolled over me, outta the blue, like a giant tidal wave where I am sputtering and gasping for air just to keep my head above water.

So REALLY. Every day in every way, anything I say or any “HOW” I offer is NOT because I think I am so brilliant and perfect. Heavens to Betsy. SO FAR FROM IT. It’s because I believe my purpose in life is to tell the (my) truth. To SHARE how I became determined to seek a positive-on-purpose path out of the chaos. How I decided to be blessed by the lesson I obviously needed to learn. And, how to go from WHY ME to WHY NOT ME? Over the years, I’ve discovered things that have worked for me consistently and sometimes even surprisingly.

These are all simply suggestions...maybe something you could try, especially when you feel stuck, or gasping for air yourself, or maybe when it’s a day you’d love an AH-HA to move forward.

I believe we all have the capacity to “get it right”….whatever that right is for each of US. I also believe deeply that we need each other SO MUCH, right now. Aren't you craving a new NEXT or a purposeful plan for the future…that brings you a deeper internal YES?

No kidding.

The kicker here, right off the bat, is that no one else can believe that for you. As a long-time mentor to a wide range of clients…this one thing was always the biggest hurdle for us to leap over. When I would say ”You Deserve A Life that Lights YOU Up!”, you would not believe the number of times they would respond with “YEAH, SURE”.

If that’s your gut reaction too…DON'T join the club.

Dive under the crusty belief system that’s got a lid on your life and tip-toe into the place where your deepest desires live….that’s the part of your life really gasping for air.


Leftovers? A ticker-tape parade? More gaslighting? More money? Loving relationships? To be magically thinner? We all have a list. Some items come from pure desire and dreams. Others come from “I don’t deserve this shit!”

My challenge to you today is to discern which is which.

Focusing on the positives you deserve (yes, you do) will turn up the wattage of your life. I promise.

If our extended experience with COVID is teaching us anything, it’s that time is precious. Our lives are precious. They matter. How we craft our futures matters even more. What and who IS worth our time and energy?

Dear precious people……If you would like to share what YOU BELIEVE YOU DESERVE, please schedule a time with me. I would like to hear from you/my subscribers as a THANK YOU for supporting my mission to propel positivity into the world.

(Go to the bottom of the Work With Me page on my website to schedule at no charge)



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