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SHIFT Happens: One Simple Word That Can Positively Transform Your Life

If you are like me, when I hit bumps and chug holes in this journey called MY LIFE, my first inclination is to quit…..particularly when it’s a deeply held dream I’ve decided to pursue. Coming from that tender place of “What If?” makes me feel especially vulnerable. So when LIFE throws those curve balls and set backs, or when I am in some major fork in the road without the answers, it can bring up all kinds of self-talk that’s not pretty.

If it matters to us, count on it, we WILL be tested. Tested in ways we could never have imagined. The desire to just throw in the towel can be so overwhelming. We are constantly questioning ourselves, our abilities, our stick-with-it-ness. Know what I mean?

I was feeling especially triggered by a series of setbacks last year. So when this one word showed up in my life via a random search for positive things to post….I took it as a sign. I took it to heart. And, now I use it in my life daily to pivot all that negative, blow torch conversation I might be having with myself.

We often make things so much harder on ourselves getting through our day with self-talk that stops us in our tracks.

This word starts up our engines again. It takes us out of judgment and back into possibility again. It’s a door opener to more creativity. It’s a heart opener too. It feels like both a pat on the back AND a little push to rev it up again.

This simple, positive, purposeful, pivotal word with the power to shift everything is:

I know.

You might be saying…. “Aw, come on…..really?”

Instead, of telling you, let me show you how it works using some of my own self-talk.

By the way, some of these sentence, might seem like echoes in your own head. If they do, try this. Go back and check-mark them. Say the sentence, OUT LOUD, using YET at the end. Get ready to see how good it feels to find a way to get off your own back. Instead, find your way back to possibility and greater self-confidence. Using YET, at the height of frustration, diffuses the nasties that can come with almost any situation.


1. I don’t have the skills to do that...YET

2. I don’t know enough...YET

3. I don’t have a sense of purpose...YET

4. I haven’t said what I need to say...YET

5. We haven’t cleared the air...YET

6. I'm not proud of myself...YET

7. I don’t have the courage to do that...YET

8. I haven’t learned that...YET

9. I haven’t found the right answer...YET

10. I’m not where I want to be...YET

11. It’s just not worth it to me...YET

12. I haven’t cleaned out all the clutter...YET

13. I haven’t forgiven them...YET

14. I haven’t forgiven myself...YET

15. I'm not comfortable in social situations...YET

16. I haven’t started...YET

17. I haven’t looked into it...YET

18. I still don’t feel like I’m enough...YET

19. I don’t deserve that...YET 20. I just don't understand him/her...YET

If you’ve listened to your own voice saying these sentences out loud….you will see what a difference and what a lift in your energy it is.


Using this simple YET allows us to take a renewed look at what really matters. If there are those “should” things I keep putting off, instead of mentally flogging myself for NOT doing them……using YET supplies me with a great breather. It almost instantly takes me off the hissing griddle of any anxiety I might be experiencing. I can step back to evaluate if that thing just before the YET actually needs to turn into a realistic “NEVER/FORGET IT”.

For me, getting used to the use of the pivotal YET has been such a relief. After some focus and brain training, it has become an almost miraculous tool for regaining my wobbling confidence when things or people go awry.


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