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Smarter AND Dumber Than Ever? Maybe So.

It seems like we have hit some overwhelming threshold on access to information these days… you think so too? Whatever we want to know is at the end of our fingertips, immediately.

Want to know something? Just Google it.

Want a great quote that will help us make the point in our presentation? Easy. Use some simple search words. Boom. There it is in a gorgeous graphic format as well.

The question is, has it made us smarter? Are we longer on facts but shorter on common sense? Has it given us a depth and breadth of working knowledge that actually enhances the quality of our daily lives?

Are we more witty but less wise?

A group of Yale doctoral candidates, conducting an exhaustive survey recently, have come to the conclusion that all this access to FYI has seduced us into thinking we are smarter than ever. Even further, they concluded that our perceptions about just having access to the massive online databases has caused us the “illusion of understanding”.

But wait…. not only are we dealing with an illusion……

What if we are also fooling ourselves that we are becoming wiser as well? Where’s the discernment to know what to do with all these facts….how might they best be applied (or dismissed) in our own lives.

We think we are pretty darn smart these days….and then we look around at the world and what’s going on in it…..and wonder.

Where’s the sense in what’s happening? Where’s the down to earth, common sense wisdom, we can use as guides when we need it most?

Really…..Navigating being human has not changed that much over Millennia. We still have the same needs…. for love and respect, a multitude of fears, personal issues, dreams and goals to achieve, relationships to develop and the growth moments that require our falling down and getting back up.

Some wise things, no matter how fast paced or technically sophisticated we have become, will always stand the test of time. Thank God.

Such is the case with the 20 pieces of rock solid wisdom I am sharing with you today. A friend sent this to me……its called Hillbilly Wisdom. Yes, some of us might turn our noses up and dismiss anything we could learn from some “hillbilly”. Anything coming from a hillbilly won’t fit today’s “branding” for cool stuff. We can call it “corn ball” but when we read it, we get it. The truth is the truth. And wise is wise, no matter the grammar.

We created it so that you might enjoy it enough to download it. As the holidays are on the horizon and the end of another year is just around the corner, think of this as your reminder and personal playbook….that there really are guideposts we can take to heart for living a great life whether we Google or not.


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