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Stuff I Shouldn't Share

Right off the bat, I’ve got to admit it. I love to share.

When something or someone, creates a new and wonderful experience or product, especially when it’s not widely known, that’s my very favorite time to share….about who they are and what they’ve done. It excites me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. Then, it comes right out of my mouth. It’s like a reflex, propelling all their dreaming and hard work for others who would love it too!

Sharing makes me feel like I am becoming part of something bigger; paying the good news forward and outward at the same time. Sharing is the conduit setting the wheels in motion….for all kinds of greater good to take place.

This “sharing thing” really seems to bug some people to the point of getting downright testy. They’ll say….”Oh boy…thanks SO much for telling ME, but don’t tell anybody else. If you tell too many people, there won’t be anything left or you won’t ever be able to get into them again for an appointment.”

Well, POOIE! I can unequivocally say….that’s NEVER been my experience.

Even creating this site came from my desire to share. A year ago,when I launched my first Positive On Purpose Facebook post, my own life was in dire need of something positive/upbeat to focus on to kickstart my day. As it turns out, who knew 2020 would be the year of “NEED-A-LIFT” in every way imaginable. Thousands of followers later, on FB and now, Instagram, (@peggy.pepper) it was the sharing of what I needed most, my very own self, that has created its own momentum. It’s encouraged me to share even more as I find new ways of positive/purposeful living in every aspect of life…..what I learn about health and home, and personal growth….will all be coming your way.

I’ve also been told by the marketing “experts” in order to “grow your brand”, I should never share anything done, written, or said by anyone else. I might lose followers to these other people. Forget that too. Those of you who have been here for a while have already seen, if someone has done a TED TALK or created a product or a platform, or if I have gotten a great deal through a retailer….I’m gonna share it, whether I have some “deal” or not. My agenda in life has never been, and never will be, tit-for-tat. I can scratch someone’s back for the pure joy of propelling their dream. Sharing, truly is its own reward.

When something tangible has positively affected my life, I like to turn right around and let you know. If I think it might benefit your life, or speed up the trip to your happy place, or enhance your health or bring you deeper calm, a great belly laugh, or a broader understanding of your own unique brilliance, you can always count on it coming from me to you….no strings attached.

Right now, the world can often seem full of miserable people, screeching their multiple displeasures or those vitriolic souls with much too much keyboard courage, throwing salt in the wounds of our days. Doncha think sharing some juicy, new tidbit or product or book that serves to mitigate some of this stuff, would be a good idea? Meeeeee too.

So, here’s one for ‘ya. It’s a course from Daily OM. Written by Madisyn Taylor, it has remained one of my favorite uplifting, thought-provoking personal growth sites. She offers life-learning courses through a curated group of teachers, leaders, thinkers, and experts on a buffet of subjects. And, she lets YOU select what you are willing to pay for them. A novel approach. You can download and learn at your leisure.

I took this course, Tell Your Story and Discover Who You Are, last year, and loved it. So, much so, I am wiping the slate clean and doing it again this year. It made me think and write in new ways about my life. I’ve never had the patience (I always told myself I was too busy…but I think it was a case of just being “chicken”) to actually write a journal long-hand. This course, with its simple prompts, created a safe place to just tap into exactly what I was feeling without that “Southern good girl” editing my inner voice. Ten minutes a day. (On an empty stomach, before breakfast…I seem more honest with myself when I’m hungry.) That’s all it took to unearth pearls of truth and humanity propelling me forward.

I highly recommend it as a way to launch your new year JUST FOR YOU.

Let me know how sharing shows up in your life…..I’d love to hear. xoxoxo P


Tell Your Story and Discover Who You Are

This 52-week course by best-selling author and writing mentor, Rachel Astor, will allow you to explore a fuller, richer understanding of yourself and what makes you tick, all while recording and documenting your thoughts and experiences. This no-pressure course for novices and seasoned writers works whether you love deep emotional contemplation, want to express your comedic shenanigans, or wish to leave a legacy. Most importantly, you will tell your story.


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