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Where's Your Wealth? You May Be Richer Than You Think.

The idea of having money and the idea of being wealthy are often confused.

Buckets full of money are not wealth. A huge house in a zippy zip code is not wealth…..that’s stuff we bought with money.

But…True Wealth….is what you have when all the money is taken away.

Think about it.

The expression, “He/she has a wealth of knowledge on the subject.” That’s what I mean. Money has nothing to do with that kind of wealth. That wealth is here to stay. It can never be taken away.

Others have a wealth of talent. Or a wealth of experience. That kind of wealth only grows over time. We know what can happen to money….the financial markets, that weekend in Vegas when you thought you were feeling lucky, that “incredible investment” you made with your friend from the fifth grade.

The wealth I am talking about has nothing to do with the roller coaster associated with the accumulation or loss of money.

This wealth is about recognizing our personal sense of abundance, our quality of life, that we’ve had a huge hand in creating. It comes from recognizing and developing our interests, our expertise, and our relationships. It comes from courage, creativity, and persistence. It comes from developing resilience, patience, and integrity. It’s about doing things until we are proud of the quality of our efforts. That's wealth beyond measure.

Wealth of knowledge can be around endless subjects where passion takes us into our depth and breadth to develop expertise. People seek us out for this kind of wealth. It relates to our authentic self-worth, not our

net worth.

So, now, at this moment, as we are launching another new year…..what if you took some time to consider how wealthy you really are. Think of it as your personal inventory of abundance. Wealth is about where your values have propelled you to create your quality of life, in a real way.

that's all yours…


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